Drive Smart

Maximize Savings, Performance & Reduce Emissions with our AI vehicle tech available in South Asia & MENA.

Metre 360 Vehicle Tech Mobile Application IOS Apple Users for Automotive Owners
Metre 360 Automotive Tech Mobile Application for Vehicle Care, Maintenance, Repairs, OEM Spare Parts, EV Conversion Kits, Automotive IoT and Emergency Assistance

Data Driven Platform

merging IoT and artificial Intelligence to empower vehicle owners to save money by upskilling and capacity building of local mechanics near you through advance automotive tech and mechatronics tools.

Metre 360 Automotive Tech Mobile Application powered by AI Machine Learning to help vehicle owners through near by aggregator network of local Master Mechanics, Automotive Technicians and Garages with Vehicle Care Maintenance, Repairs, OEM Spare Parts Suppliers and Emergency Assistance



Engineered for Innovative Vehicle Revolution

We believe that everyone deserves a safe and reliable vehicle. That’s why we offer a wide range of automotive care services and products designed to keep your car running smoothly, no matter what the road throws your way.

Vehicle Care

We offers a one-stop solution for all your vehicle needs, from diagnostics to maintenance, warranty parts procurement, vehicle sales through bidding and even electric vehicle (EV) conversion kits for sustainable transformation.

Mechanic Skill Development

The platform not only benefits vehicle owners but also local mechanics by fostering skill development and enabling them with Ai tools creating a proficient service network. This holistic approach ensures high-quality service and support for your vehicle.

Sustainable Development Goal

The app promotes sustainability by offering eco-friendly options like waste disposal & EV conversion kits. It emphasizes efficient driving, predictive maintenance, and reduced environmental impact, ultimately helping you save money while contributing to a greener planet.

Your Drive

Our AI processes large amounts of data, providing valuable insights for both vehicle owners and mechanics. It assists in making informed decisions related to maintenance, repairs, and driving habits, ultimately leading to cost savings and improved vehicle longevity.


Analyzing data from vehicle components and driver behavior to predict potential repair needs preventing breakdowns and reducing costs.


Our machine learning tools provide accurate and detailed diagnostics, recommended resolutions reducing troubleshooting time and improving repair accuracy.


Tailor recommendations based on individual vehicle usage, allowing for a more personalized assistance, performance and driving experience.


Monitoring vehicle health to provide best practices for fuel efficiency, longer vehicle lifespan, output and control i.e. steering & emergency breaking.

Drive Electric

Are you looking for cheaper fuel & better performance?

Consider converting your vehicle to electric with our EV conversion kit.

Electric vehicles (EVs) are the future of transportation.

The upfront cost of an EV can be a barrier but the EV conversion kits offer a more affordable way to experience the benefits of electric driving. These kits allow you to convert your existing gasoline (petrol or diesel) powered vehicle into an EV. Conversion kits include the components to make the switch, including an electric motor, battery pack & controller.

Metre 360 Automotive Tech Platform EV Conversion Kits for Bikes, Cars, SUV's and IoT