AI Vehicle IoT

The Future of Driving

Metre 360 innovative technologies is changing the way we own, maintain and drive.

Metre 360 Automotive Technology AI IOT connected vehicles
Metre 360 Vehicle Technology AI IOT connected automotive EV conversion
Data Intelligence

Simplify Vehicle Management with Connected Car Technology

Metre 360 Artificial intelligence (AI) is making vehicle ownership, management, and driving experience more seamless and efficient. Our connected car technology uses deep learning to collect and analyze data from a variety of sensors and systems in the vehicle and then uses this data to provide a range of services and features like predictive maintenance, vehicle tracking, fuel consumption, emergency braking, driving and vehicle to vehicle alerts.

Metre 360 Vehicle Technology AI IOT connected vehicles for road safety, accident detection, driving behavior monitoring.
Vehicle Adaptive Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Experience Safer, Smarter & More Efficient Driving

Metre 360 Vehicle Technology AI IOT connected vehicles for driving behavior monitoring.

Driving Behavior Monitoring

Metre 360 continuously tracking various driving parameters, such as acceleration, braking, speed, and lane usage, driving behavior monitoring provides valuable insights into driving patterns and identifies potential areas for improvement.

Accident Detection

We utilize sensors and evolving algorithms to identify and respond to potential accidents. By analyzing real-time data from various sources, accident detection systems can rapidly assess the severity of a collision and initiate appropriate emergency responses.

Metre 360 Vehicle Technology AI IOT connected vehicles for accident detection monitoring.
Metre 360 Vehicle Technology AI IOT connected vehicles for vehicle 2 everything (V2X) communication.

Vehicle 2X Communication

We enable vehicles to communicate with each other and with roadside infrastructure, paving the way for a smooth transportation system. By exchanging real-time information about their location, speed, and intentions, vehicles can anticipate and avoid potential hazards, optimize traffic flow, and enhance the overall driving experience.

Driving Assistance

Our systems monitor the vehicle’s surroundings, anticipate potential hazards, and provide real-time alerts like lane changing and interventions to assist drivers.

Metre 360 Vehicle Technology AI IOT connected vehicles for driving assistance.
Management Solutions

Optimize Your Fleet Operations with Our Cutting-Edge Fleet Management Service

Reduce Cost

Simplifying administrative tasks, automating maintenance schedule with predictive maintenance alerts, ensuring your fleet operates at peak performance minimizing downtime.

Enhanced Efficiency

With our real-time visibility into your fleet’s performance, track vehicle locations, monitor driver behavior and analyze data to make informed decisions that enhance productivity.

Lower Carbon Emission

By optimizing routes, reducing fuel consumption, and promoting efficient driving habits, our solution helps you lower carbon emissions and contribute to a more sustainable future.